Thursday, May 03, 2007


a friend of mine, andy burr (, met me in morocco. he leapfrogged me in his car and did what he does which is take pictures. and i did what i do which is ride my bike.

you may have to look hard to find me.

what follows is a day of my life.

a breakfast of words

water for the day from a bucket made of old truck tires

i'm such a fruit

a quick boulder session

perfect, looks like no wind

ok, on to what i know best: my 3 wheels

these shepherds know peace. sometimes i know peace. sometimes i don't.

a break

i am there

steady as she goes...

good ol' dirt

into a village

an invitation for dates and sour milk and flies

a wave exchange

hugging the curves

pardon me

famous moroccan rugs

around and down

emerging from the black hills


into the gorge

water in the desert...

...and castles in the desert

riding in an escher

ever nowhere

i think i'm here. but does it matter?

a mosque in every town, no matter how remote. a hIrSch in almost every town too. but please don't pray to me (though i'd do my best if you did...).

hold me

with a camera clicking on me all day, i felt the need to do something cool, hence the peace sign, which, as it turned out, was lame

rocking on

green carpets of irrigated desert

my temple is the open road

if you need a hero, look no further

i am a shadow, which means a cloud could kill me

good night moon...

...and goodnight to you, too.